Why Care-A-Lot?

The Care-a-lot advantage could be the devotion and enthusiasm of the staff….or the seriousness given to cleanliness, health and safety….the attention paid to your child’s development…the amount of fun enjoyed by all… or maybe it’s a strong mix of all of these with a healthy dose of loving care and respect added for good measure. In the end, it all comes down to putting a smile on your child’s face by providing a safe and secure environment where your child and you feel at home.



  • Quality Stars NY logo

    Quality Stars

    QUALITYstarsNY is a voluntary five-star "rating system". QUALITYstarsNY provides an infrastructure for assessing, improving and communicating the quality of care provided by early learning programs.

  • Healthy Way To Grow Logo

    Healthy Way To Grow

    Healthy Way to Grow is helping communities across the nation reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by supporting early care and education programs to improve practices and policies that will create healthier environments for young children.

  • icon for woman breastfeeding

    Breastfed Babies Welcome Here

    Breastfeeding mothers, including employees, are provided a private and sanitary place to breastfeed their babies or express milk

  • Creative Kids Dance & Yoga icon

    Creative Kids Dance & Yoga

    Care-a-lot offers 45-minute weekly classes that teaches the fundamentals of dance along with a variety of steps geared toward your child’s age group.

  • Asthma Association logo

    Asthma Friendly

    Asthma Friendly Child Care Endorsement aims to raise awareness, educate, train and support healthier and safer child care environments for children with asthma.

  • Kangarootime logo


    Allows us to create a better connection with the families that at our centers. Kangarootime automates check-in, tuition billing and payment, and child-specific instructions for daily care.

  • Peanut Free logo

    Allergy Friendly

    Care-a-lot is a nut free facility. Our kitchen managers take extra precautions in the kitchen and in the classroom if your child has a food allergy. Our menu is completely peanut free.

  • Computers for kids logo

    Computers For Kids

    Care-a-lot offers 30-minute weekly classes that will help you child develop socially, emotionally and cognitively. Our software is discovery-based and open-ended.