Visiting Chicks!

The children at Care-a-lot Farmington / Canandaigua were very excited to welcome newly hatched chicks into the center for some up-close observation and learning opportunities.  The preschool classrooms used the opportunity to offer the children a week-long study of birds. They learned all about how birds hatch from eggs, the names of their body parts, and the types of foods that they eat.

Providing children with an opportunity to experience areas of classroom learning with real animals made their learning literally come alive!  Young children learn best through real, hands-on experiences.  The chicks were a way to provide a concrete learning experience for the children that would reinforce circle-time and center activities on this same topic.  Books about beaks and feathers are fun but live birds are even better and create a lasting impression on young minds.  Everyone at the center form the little babies to the school-age children enjoyed hosting the chicks before they returned to the farm to continue growing!

DSCN0417 Chick Can     DSCN0422 Chicks Can     DSCN0414 chick can     DSCN0436 Chicks Can


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