Valentine Learning!

Holidays and special occassions are more than just party celebrations at Care-a-lot!    To prepare for Valentine’s Day, our pre-schoolers used the Valentine theme to make red Kool-Aid playdough, play a matching game with hearts, and complete a number recognition project with heart shapes.

Young children love to play with playdough!  Through squishing, rolling, sculpting, and molding, the opportunities for creating are endless!  This simple material provides children with a medium to use their imaginations and strengthen the small muscles in their fingers—the same muscles they will one day use to hold a pencil and write. Using and making playdough with others supports children’s social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and enjoying being with other people. Playdough also encourages children’s language and literacy, science, and math skills—all at the same time!

Matching games and number recognition activities build children’s cognitive skills, as well as support small muscle development. Learning opportunities can be found in every theme and everything we do during the day!


2015-02-09 14.06.11 Hen Feb 25 Playdgh          2015-02-09 14.06.28 Hen Feb 25 ditto

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  1. It looks like the children had a lot of fun playing with playdough. Thanks for sharing these pictures!
    Reply February 25, 2015 at 2:37 pm

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