Child Care Forms:


Medical Statement of Child in Childcare(WORD)

Written Medication Consent Form(WORD)


Child Care and Parenting Resources


To assist in your Search for Quality Child Care, here is a list of questions created by experts in the field:


For information on Child Development, Behavior, Toilet Trainning, SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and Parenting Topics, consider this resource:


If you are looking for a forum on Parenting Issues and topics of interest to families, try this link:


For children’s Nutrition Guidelines and Dietary Information, check out this link:


If you would like information on Routine Health Care and Immunizations for for children, look at this link:


For information on Childhood Oral Health, use this helpful reference:


If you are searching for information on Children’s Sleep Patterns, try this link:


If you would like Child Care Tax Credit information, use these links: or


For Child Care Financial Assistance information, start here;


For a list of Events and Activities in the Rochester Area for family and child fun, see these outings: