Professional Weather Lessons!

Meteorologist Scott Hetsko of WHAM 13 really blew us away when he came to visit the Henrietta Kindergarten class!  He got us really excited to learn all about weather and was eager to answer all of our questions.

Mr. Hetsko brought a pressure contraption made out of a two-liter bottle with water in it and an air pump. The system emulated the making of a cloud!  Each student had a turn to feel the pressure in the bottle and see the puff of cloud that emerged!

Next, we were able to tour the weather truck!  Mr. Hetsko showed us all the current weather stats on the screen and even let each student hop in the front seat to be “on camera”!  It was SO COOL!  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from the local weatherman and made our weather lesson that much more special!  A big thank you to WHAM 13 and Scott Hetsko for visiting and sharing with us!

2017-03-02 00 Hetsko      2017-03-02 038 Hetsko      2017-03-02 015 Hetsko feat      2017-03-02 040 Hetsko

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