Preschool Program


3 To 5 Years

Our preschool program features a hands-on learning environment for active bodies and curious minds. We build upon children’s social, emotional and motor skills, adding theme-based academic learning through play (the natural method in which children learn). Stimulating group activities, peer interactions, and individual learning opportunities prepare children for Kindergarten. Children have free expression in art and music. Art displays of children’s creations are a key component to our center environment! We believe in process over product. We allow the children to create their own masterpieces to their liking!

How We Care

Care-a-lot follows a curriculum that is based on learning through culture, nutrition, math, science, art, music/movement, fine motor and gross motor. Throughout the day your child will be engaged in all these categories, based on the classrooms weekly theme. Your child won’t even realize that they are learning because our teachers make it fun and engaging!

Our children are free to express themselves!  We will interact as much as possible without disturbing their creativity.  We will work with them to help build their social skills, as well as promote their independence!  Our goal is to prepare them so that when they go off to kindergarten they are prepared; mentally, socially and cognitively.

Our philosophy at this age is children learn best through play!