Learning Centers!

At Care-a-lot, each classroom is arranged into learning centers.  This provides an ideal environment for teachers to actively engage children in meaningful, hands-on activities. Well-planned learning stations present children with challenging projects and opportunities for exploration, which encourage thinking skills and motor development

Beginning in the young toddler rooms, children at Care-a-lot move independently through the centers and choose to play in learning centers such as sensory, books, manipulatives, dramatic play, art, and blocks.  In this arrangement, children learn organizational skills, an important concept to begin to master!

As children grow and become more independent, additional centers are added to expand the curriculum opportunities. This provides for the social, emotional, physical and mental stages of early childhood development.

Materials are also changed to refresh the learning centers and add new opportunities for exploration and learning.  By rotating materials, teachers ensure that the centers remain fresh. Rotation also allows teachers to provide learning centers which focus on developing separate and distinct skill sets.

Centers Gr      Centers Gr 2      Centers Gr 3

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