Infant Program


6 Weeks to 18 Months

Your baby is welcomed into a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment with individual attention and care given to his or her personal needs. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, while we care for your baby in a warm, caring and engaging environment. Basic American Sign Language, physical, sensory and social activities are encouraged as your infant develops. As parents often note, our staff will “…gladly get down and play or give a child a snuggle…” just like home.


How We Care

Here at Care-a-lot we recognize how much growth and development occur during the first 18 months of life. Care-a-lot offers individualized care to infants in 3 separate classrooms catering to their rapidly changing developmental needs. Our youngest classroom caters to infants ages 6 weeks to 6 months of age.  In this classroom, first-time parents can be assured that we will follow whatever schedule has been adopted at home. If you do not have a schedule, the teachers will help your baby adjust to a schedule that meets their immediate needs. Our 6 to 12-month-old classroom is designed for infants who may be starting to explore their environment and beginning to move and groove. The equipment is designed for infants who are working on sitting up, rolling over, and beginning to crawl and cruise around the classroom. Beyond that the 12 to 18-month-old classroom is a nice open space where children who are waddling around are free to explore their environment and work on building their walking skills.

Whether your infant drinks formula or breast milk, we are able to accommodate whatever works best for you and your child. Care-a-lot is a breast milk friendly facility. This means that you are more than welcome to come in and breast feed your child at any time or provide fresh or frozen breast milk that our staff will bottle feed throughout the day.  Also, since we follow the CACFP (Child Adult Care Food Program) guidelines at all of our facilities, we will even provide formula, stage 1 baby food and cereal to your child. (All of these items are included in your tuition at no additional cost). Once your infant is ready to try table foods, parents are able to choose “infant-friendly” table foods such as fruits and vegetables that are cut into tiny infant-friendly sizes and portions. As your child grows in their ability to feed themselves, they will eventually enjoy 3 nutritious and infant-friendly meals. All meals are prepared on site.

Lastly, our teachers will establish daily communication with parents and integrate their requests into their child’s routine.  Your infant’s teacher will share developmental information regularly, through the use of daily Care notes that are sent directly to your smartphone.  This allows you to stay informed throughout the day, keeping you involved in your child’s learning and development.