Care-a-lot Advantages

The Care-a-lot advantage could be the devotion and enthusiasm of the staff….or the seriousness given to cleanliness, health and safety….the attention paid to your child’s development…the amount of fun enjoyed by all… or maybe it’s a strong mix of all of these with a healthy dose of loving care and respect added for good measure.  In the end, it all comes down to putting a smile on your child’s face by providing a safe and secure environment where your child and you feel at home.


Safe and Sound

kid2You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child is in a safe and secure environment that features:

heart   Trained staff who administer medications and conduct daily health and safety assessments
heart   A high staff-to-child ratio, permitting attentive care for all children, especially infants
heart   Caregivers who are carefully selected through a hiring process that includes thorough                     interviews, background checks, and a medical exam
heart   Restricted door access
heart   An automated security and fire monitoring system
heart   Observation windows in each classroom
heart   Daily cleaning of toys and areas where children play, eat and sleep


Built for Children

Care-a-lot Child Care operates its programs in made-for-children facilities. This unique space provides:

heart   Fenced outdoor playgrounds with plentiful space and play equipment
heart   Spacious classrooms with child-sized bathrooms accessible to each classroom
heart   Specially designed diapering areas for infants and toddlers
heart   Abundant natural light from classroom windows


Food for Thought, Growth & HealthHow to Keep Kids Healthy and Active While School Is Out During Summer_Healthy Eating

Good nutrition relates directly to your child’s growth, health, learning ability, and general well-being. At Care-a-lot, we help your child to grow, and assist you in promoting healthy eating habits by:

heart   Providing well-balanced, nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks
heart   Allowing children to participate in cooking projects, learn about foods, and assist       with family-style serving at mealtime
heart   Posting our monthly menus, which follow USDA guidelines and are approved by       a nutritionist
heart   Taking extra precautions in the kitchen and in the classroom if your child has a food allergy.  Our menu is peanut free!


Flexible Schedulingkid1

Care-a-lot is committed to meeting the needs of families we serve by offering:

heart  Tuition pricing which includes no maximum number of attendance hours per day
heart  Flexibility in enrolling your child part-time with a consistent, regular schedule,
e.g., Mon., Thurs., Fri. or Tues., Wed., etc.
heart  A vacation discount available when you are away


Two-way Communication

Care-a-lot promotes a team approach between parents and caregivers, while providing many opportunities for formal and informal communication, including:

heart   Freedom to make “peace of mind” phone calls anytime during the day to check on your child
heart   Accessible and responsive administrative and support staff
heart   Personalized “Care Notes” about your child’s day
heart   Regular parent/teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress



Professionals Who Care

We select knowledgeable and educated professionals who are warm, enthusiastic, approachable, and caring. Some of our staff have been with Care-a-lot for over 20 years!   We support them by providing:

heart   Ongoing training in early childhood methods and developmental learning
heart   Career growth opportunities
heart   Employment benefits
heart   A fun place to work!


Expert Advice

As a parent, you’re recognized and respected as an expert on your own child and as a center advisor. We encourage you to become an active participant in center activities such as:

heart  Joining the Parent Advisory Group (PAG) to become more involved in center events and activities
heart  Spending time in the classroom, reading a story, sharing your special talents, or joining your child for a lunch or field trip
heart  Attending parent education programs and family social events!