About Us


In August 1991, Carol and Bob Moore opened the doors of their first Care-a-lot Child Care center in Greece.  The community enthusiastically responded to the quality of early childhood education and care available at the center.  Because of their strong reputation, the Moores have been welcomed to assume the operations of other area child care programs over the past 20 years.  Care-a-lot Early Learning Center is now serving families in six locations in the Rochester community:  North Greece, South Greece,  Henrietta, Farmington/Canandaigua, Pittsford, and Fairport.

In 2017, Care-a-lot Child Care was purchased by David Kolczynski, who is committed to maintaining the high standards of care at each site.  In 2020, with the addition of three new locations, Care-a-lot was re-branded as Care-a-lot Early Learning Center, to heighten awareness of the pre-school and Universal Pre-K programs available. 

An administrative team who places unwavering importance on health and safety
Trained staff at each center to administer medications and attend to children’s health
Care a lot starts to collect the following items while your child is enrolled at the center:
      • Self portrait
      • Developmental Milestones
      • Anecdote
      • Photos
      • Writing Samples
      • Art Samples
        This collection starts at enrollment and is collected until they reach Pre-K. The family is presented with the final portfolio at Pre-K graduation.
An inclusive and accepting program for all children
Individual attention to your child’s needs and development
Devoted and enthusiastic teachers who are caring and well educated
A developmentally-appropriate curriculum following NAEYC (National Association
                   for the Education of Young Children) standards for each age group

An on-site kitchen where breakfast, lunch and snacks are prepared
Separate, ample and well-equipped playground spaces for children of varying ages
Great fun shared and enjoyed by all in the program!

Our Values: (CARES)

  • Collaboration


    We work together with all to gain understanding and share knowledge to benefit children and employees.

  • Accountability


    We take responsibility for our actions and operate with integrity.

  • Respect


    We value differences and treat all with fairness and dignity.

  • Excellence


    We implement high standards to ensure the best environment for children and our employees.

  • Support


    We work to serve children, families and employees with the assistance they need to be successful.