Prevent the Academic Decline over the Summer with Care-a-Lot Summer Camp

Summer camp kids doing an outside science project

As parents, we understand the concerns about summer break. It’s a time for fun, but also a time when academic skills can diminish. How can we balance leisure with learning? At Care-a-Lot, our innovative licensed child care center in Rochester, we have the answer — summer camp! We’ve been named one of the best preschools in Rochester, and we take that same care and dedication in providing engaging academic lessons to curb the summer slide for all students ages 6 – 11.

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Summer camp instructor teaching math
Keep Your Child Reading

Reading is the gateway to continuous learning. Our summer camp in Rochester ensures that your child’s reading skills stay sharp over the break. We offer a robust library filled with age-appropriate books, fostering both fluency and phonics skills. It’s more than just reading; it’s about building comprehension and vocabulary that keeps the cognitive gears flowing.

summer camp kids doing a science experiment
Develop Interest Based Projects

Learning is most effective when it is interactive and fun. Our local pre-k through 5th grade program develops interest-based projects designed to sustain and enhance preschool learning. From art and science to music and drama, our projects are tailored to pique your child’s curiosity, stimulating both learning and fun.

Summer camp kids playing outside
Boost Physical Activity

Summer is the best time for outdoor fun, and physical activity is a critical component of our summer camp in Rochester. With a variety of sports and games, our childcare ensures your child remains active, builds healthy habits, and improves concentration and learning abilities.

Summer camp kids practicing math
Practice Classroom Skills in a Low-Risk Environment

The key to mastering any skill is practice. You expect the best preschool in Rochester to provide a low-risk environment where your child can practice classroom skills outside the academic year, and that is exactly what we deliver. With our licensed childcare experts, your child can work on everything from math to handwriting in an engaging, pressure-free setting. Our local pre-k -through 5th grade curriculum complements preschool and elementary school learning, ensuring a seamless transition between academic years.

Summer doesn’t have to mean a break from learning. With Care-a-Lot’s innovative Summer camp in Rochester, your child will continue to grow academically while also enjoying the fun that summer promises. Remember, childcare is not just about supervision; it’s about nurturing and developing your child’s potential. Choose Care-a-Lot, the best preschool in Rochester, for a summer filled with fun and learning.


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