Voted Best Childcare Facility to Work in Rochester

At Care-a-Lot in Rochester, we are proud to have been voted as the best childcare facility to work at in the area. So what sets us apart? Our dedication to staff and children. At Care-a-Lot, you can find a fulfilling job doing what you love most, caring for kids and helping them grow. 

We strive to continue making Care-a-Lot the best facility to find childcare and a great career for those who love taking care of kids. There are many reasons why we have been voted as the best childcare facility to work for in Rochester, and we plan to keep it that way. We continuously evolve our facility to meet the needs of our children in our care and our employees. Keep reading to learn more about why we were voted best childcare facility to work at and contact our team today if you are interested in a career or enrolling your child in our childcare!

teacher playing with blocks with kids

Variety of Programs

At Care-a-Lot, you will find that we are unlike any other childcare facility. We provide a wide variety of different programs so that we can specifically meet the needs of each child. From infant programs to summer camp, there is something for every aged child. Whether you are wanting to care for infants or help at the summer program, you can find the fulfilling career of your dreams through us!

babies on floor at daycare

Classroom Funding

Our highest priority at Care-a-Lot is helping the children in our care grow and develop into the great humans they are destined to be! We provide all of our classrooms with great funding and the latest technology so that our teachers can have the tools they need to help their children. We care about creating a successful start by giving teachers the tools, support, and funding that they may need. Not only is technology a great way to help their children, but it helps our teachers create meaningful relationships with the parents.

Available PTO 

At Care-a-Lot, we strongly believe in providing our teachers with the ability to create work life balance. We provide our full-time teachers with two weeks of available PTO every year! Throughout the year, we also have nine days of paid holidays and training. When it comes to your birthday, we treat your day like a paid holiday so that you can celebrate it the way you want!

teacher with infants

Discount for Employees

If you have a child and are an employee, no need to find childcare somewhere else! We offer a discount on childcare for employees. It is a great opportunity to find affordable childcare and keep your child close to you over the week.

teachers watching children at play


Taking care of our teachers is one of our highest priorities. That is why we provide insurance for our full-time employees! Our insurance is competitive and covers health, dental, and supplemental. Your health is essential in ensuring that our facility runs as great as it does, so we make it a priority to put your health first!

There are many reasons why our employees love working at Care-a-Lot. Our employees are crucial in our ability to provide great childcare and we pride ourselves on being one of the best! When you join us, you join a team that provides you with the tools, resources, and support you need to do what you love the most, teaching kids. Learn more about starting your career and contact us today!

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