How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Day of Childcare

Starting childcare for the first time can be an emotional experience for both you, the parent, and your child! For many, taking your little one to childcare is the first time they will be away from you for an extended period of time. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to prepare for the first day of childcare to prevent potential problems, as well as put your mind at ease. Follow the tips we’ve outlined below, and if you’re still in search of the perfect early childhood education establishment for your child, look no further than Care-a-lot Childcare today!

talk about daycare

Talk About Childcare

The first step in preparing your child for their first day of childcare is talking about it. Explain to them where they will be going and what they will be doing. It’s important to be honest with them, so make sure you mention that they will be spending time with other kids and teachers who will help take care of them. This early conversation can help ease any worries or concerns your child may have leading up to the big day.

get them excited

Get Them Excited

In addition to talking about childcare, get your child excited about their first day by telling them all about the fun things they will do there! Prepare a few fun activities for before and after drop-off as well, such as reading books together or playing games. This way, even if your child is a bit upset when it’s time to leave for childcare in the morning, they will still be excited about what awaits them once they get there.

establish a morning routine

Establish a Morning Routine

Next up on our list of early childhood education tips is establishing a morning routine. For children who are going to childcare for the first time, mornings can be tough and stressful. To help alleviate this problem early on, establish an early morning routine with your child that starts several days before their first day at childcare. Try creating a checklist together so they know exactly what they need to do in the morning, such as eating breakfast, brushing their teeth, and putting on their shoes. This will help them feel more prepared and confident come drop-off time.

practice drop offs

Practice Drop-Offs

Last but not least, practice drop-offs! It can be helpful to take your child to their early childhood education establishment a few times before the first day so they can get used to being there. This will help reduce any anxiety or stress they may feel on the actual day. Plus, it’s always nice for kids to know that mommy or daddy will be coming back soon!

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  1. Practicing everything from the drop-off to the pickup from a daycare really sounds important as a parent. I can see my son struggling to manage this on his first day, so I better make sure I won’t do it too suddenly and out of nowhere. I’ll go and practice this as soon as I find a daycare in the area.

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