Summer Fun with Children


Summer Fun with children

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School is out for the summer and children are looking forward to having some fun! Many children spent most of the last summer in quarantine or with big restrictions on any social interactions. Now that we seem to be rounding a corner with the pandemic, playgrounds are open, and children are ready for some fun.


baby in stroller

The pressure is on for parents to plan fun activities and adventures for their kids this summer. Playgrounds are open, spray parks are sending out dates and families are ready for some fun. For families with young children who are not vaccinated, some activities may be limited.

There are many fun and educational activities parents can do at home with their children to keep them engaged, active, and learning. Here are just a few:

  • Plant a garden- This is a great way to teach your child responsibility and caring for another living object. Watering the plants, watching them grow, and then harvesting any fruits or veggies that grow are rewarding moments that children will cherish forever.
  • Plan to visit as many playgrounds in your area as possible. There are often hidden gem playgrounds in your area that your child has never seen.
  • Plan to hike your local trails. You can google hiking trails in your area. You can create a list with your child of the trails you want to hike and then cross each off as you conquer them.
  • Go on an ice cream tour. Scout out all the local ice cream parlors in your area and cross them off as you go. Have your child pick which one is their favorite.

These are a just a few ideas to help keep your child engaged and having fun this summer!


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