Self-Care and Stress Awareness for Parents

mother and child

Living in this current day and age has become filled with daily stresses, uncertainties, new responsibilities and limitations on living that we have never encountered before. All of this is true for every individual on the earth but especially for parents!

A large majority of parents have had the privilege of working full time and having their children either attend childcare or school. COVID 19 has changed all of that! Most parents may have lost their job and are now caring for their children at home or are working from home while also trying to care for their children. Either scenario can be very stressful to any parent.

Whether your child is younger than 5 or of school age there are few things you need to keep in mind as a parent:

  • You are not superhuman! Trying to engage your child is educational learning opportunities while also trying to manage a house and a work from home is not a requirement! Children deserve a little bit of a break and should be allowed to play independently and occupy themselves for a bit. Studies have shown that most children have forgotten how to play. Technology is a big culprit in this but so is the societal pressure for parents to constantly be teaching their children. I am not recommending by any means not supervising your child or letting a child stare at a screen or television all day, but children can have a little time to themselves where they relax and keep themselves busy.
  • School Age children are capable of more than you know! If you have school age children at home during this pandemic now is a great time to teach them how to do laundry, vacuum, and other household chores. A quick tutorial on how to clean the bathroom will save you from having to take on that task. Creating a chore list for them will help you with the housework and keep them occupied.
  • Take care of yourself! Often parents are so concerned about everything around them that they forget to take care of themselves. The adage of “Care for yourself before you care for others” is truer today than it has ever been. A few ways to care for yourself are:
    • Listen to a podcast
    • Read a book
    • Try Yoga
    • Cook a healthy meal
    • Download some meditation music
    • Take a bath

Check out the link for more ideas on how to self-care!

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