5 Things Your Child will Learn at Daycare

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Every day, millions of children will laugh, learn, and play at one of the thousands of child care facilities across the United States.  Daycare is a great option both for parents who have busy work schedules and for their children who can gain from daycare’s many benefits.  A good child care center gives children a safe and nurturing place to explore the world around them while also learning and gaining important skills needed to thrive both in school and in life. Here are five advantages of placing your child in an early education program at an accredited childcare center.

1. Social Skills

Attending daycare allows children to develop social skills early on which are valuable for their social and emotional development. Learning how to deal with other people allows children to grow and the earlier a child begins to build his or her social kills, the easier it will become. Interacting regularly with other kids means learning how to better relate to their peers and also better understanding their emotions and ways of solving problems.

Another way kids can benefit socially and emotionally is by learning important values early on such as sharing, working together, kindness, and respect for others. These traits will become invaluable as they progress through the developmental years and into adulthood.

2. Self-Assurance

When children interact with people other than their parents, whether peers or adult care givers, they learn to trust other people and be more confident with themselves. This can reduce separation anxiety when kids start school. Small children have difficulty understanding the concept of time, which can lead to feelings of anxiety when separated from their parents.  Through the daily routine of engaging with another group of supportive adult caregivers and fellowship of other kids around them can help them to overcome fears of being separated from their mom and dad.

3. Cognitive skills

Children can benefit cognitively from the activities and learning games offered at a quality child care center. They will learn language skills, colors and numbers, and more. In addition, children learn and develop thinking skills by playing and exploring the world through their curiosity.  A good daycare facility will include several types of learning exercises each day, often disguised as “play” so that children are more likely to enjoy the learning process.

4. Immunity to Illnesses

Another often overlooked advantage of daycare is that children are more exposed to illnesses, which can build up their immunity to them. This can mean less sick days during the upcoming school years.   Also, a good child care facility will teach students the importance of proper hygiene techniques, from how and when to wash their hands to the proper way to blow their noses and dispose of tissues.

5. Discipline

The structure and routine in child care facilities gives children a sense of stability and familiarity each day.  Most programs follow set schedules for snack time, naps, and activities.  This instills a routine that teaches children discipline around their daily tasks and a sense of consistency that allows them to feel more emotionally secure.  Time management is often cited as one of the keys to success in life and learning this valuable skill as a child can build habit that will carry throughout a young person’s entire life.

The time that a child spends in day care can be very rewarding, leaving them with valuable skills in addition to hours of fun and socializing with other kids.  The right daycare facility can provide a safe, nurturing environment for children that will help prepare them for school and beyond.

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  1. I want to make sure that my son is ready for elementary school. It makes sense that proper preschool would be a good idea. That way, he can build up some social skills before he goes to school.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned that daycare can help your children learn social skills. I would think that childcare could be a good thing for kids that don’t have any siblings. As far as I know, it is important for children to interact with other kids their age.

  3. I love that you talked about how our kids can benefit socially and emotionally when it comes to attending day care such as sharing, working together, kindness, and respect. I will make sure that my daughter will attend one of this year so that she can be exposed to other kids her age. Also, it might be a great way to prepare her before formal schooling.

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