Lumbering for Letters!

Our preschool friends in Canandaigua love to be active, so we find creative ways to get them moving.  In the activity, “Lumbering for Letters,” our friends would lumber like a bear to find “food,” which was a letter, to bring back to the cave. During this movement center, the preschool children are practicing skills which include; letter identification, taking turns, maintaining their balance, as well as coordination skills. So many skills can be practiced with one simple activity!


Toddler Food Art!

Art is always a favorite of our toddler friends at the Henrietta Center!  Since we do art every day we like to be creative and keep it interesting.  When our theme was Healthy Food, why not paint with fruit and vegetables instead of brushes?  We used broccoli with green paint, carrots with orange paint, apples with red paint, grapes with purple paint and bananas with yellow paint.  The children were very interested in the different prints the veggies and fruit left on their paper and thought it was really funny that we were using food to paint!  When we were done the children got a chance to taste the foods we painted with (the unused pieces, of course)!  The children loved talking about their pictures hanging on the wall for the rest of the week!