Future Olympians!

The infants at the Canandaigua Center love practicing their balancing skills! They will climb on the mats and stand on different materials to practice balancing. One of the infants’ favorite activities is creating a wide balance beam out of giant wooden blocks. They will step up on the blocks and practice walking across them with the support of a teacher, if needed. By the time they have walked all the way across the blocks, they have a big smile on their face! Doing this activity helps to build the child’s self-esteem, supports hand/eye movements, and gives them the opportunity to practice balance/coordination skills.


Snack Helpers!

Miss Gina, our Kitchen Manager at the Henrietta Center, occasionally chooses a child or two to help pass out the afternoon snack!  The children love helping and get very excited if they are chosen to be the helper!  They even get to wear an apron!

The children learn so much while doing this activity!  Miss Gina discusses what the snack is, what’s it’s made of, and if it is cooked or fresh.  If the snack is a fruit or vegetable, they discuss how it grows.  As they pass out the snack, they practice counting by giving the right amount to each classroom.   One of the best parts of helping is pushing the cart!  Miss Gina gives them directions to familiarize them with the concepts of “right” and “left.”  Delivering the snack throughout the Center enables the children to socialize with the teachers and students in the other classrooms.  It is helpful for children to explore other parts of the Center so when they “move up” to the next classroom they are familiar with the room and the teachers in that room.


Going on a Bear Hunt!

The song “Going on a Bear Hunt” is a hit in one of the toddler rooms in Greece.  After paying attention to what the teacher was doing, the toddlers were quick to catch on in doing the movements and singing the song.  Listening and following directions are acquired skills.  Sing-a-log songs are fun and children love to sing them over and over.  Since children learn through repetitions, sing-a-longs are perfect to master listening skills.  As they learn to follow directions, children move to the music using various muscles.  This is important for their muscle development and large motor coordination.


Playing Uno!

The Greece preschool children enjoy playing Uno with their teacher.  It is during this time that they engage in conversations; they discuss the rules of the game, settle disputes, talk about colors, and focus on counting.  Children are very competitive in the preschool room and like to see their teacher draw two or more cards from the middle stack!  This activity promotes language, math, social skills, and strategic skills.  When children are engaged in conversations, they are socializing and solving problems.  These are life skills that children need to master to be successful.  This is an activity the children look forward to.