Summer surprise!

Every August Miss Shannon, our Director, plans an end of the summer surprise. This year she rented a bounce house with a slide! The children are amazed when they see the large, colorful bounce house come to life on the playground (they also like watching it deflate)! We’re so happy we have a large grassy area that can accommodate it. Children of all ages, even the older infants (with the help of their teachers) enjoy playing in the bounce house. Climbing and jumping are excellent gross motor activities. The children think it’s so funny to see the teachers jumping along with them. You may even find some of our staff members bouncing on their lunch break – it relieves stress and it’s great exercise!



Infant Painting!

Our infants in the Greece program show how exploring paint can engage their interest and stimulate learning!  Their teachers cut pieces of construction paper and drop dabs of pain on them inside of zip-lock bags.  This provides the babies a safe way to explore and manipulate the paint.

The children squeezed, squished and swished their bags of paint with their fingers as the teachers verbally describe their actions and the effect on the paint!  The crinkly sound of the bag, the slippery feel of the paint in the bag, and the visual experience of watching the paint move provides new hands-on discoveries for young minds!

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