Under the Sea!

While learning about what lives under the sea, the Canandaigua preschoolers talked about  fish, whales, starfish, mermaids, and scuba divers. There are a lot of living creatures in the ocean!  On the last day of ocean week, the teachers helped to dress up the children who were interested as mermaids and scuba divers!

The children practiced ‘swimming’ with a ‘fin’ and some even tried walking with it! The scuba divers practiced ‘breathing under water’.  They tried on goggles and used scuba gear to breathe!  Pretend play is great fun and important for children to expand their thinking!

Can Sea 1a    Can Sea 2     Can Sea 3




Water Play!

Young children find great pleasure in water play on warm days! At the Henrietta center, the teachers plan it for them at least once a week in the summer months! To encourage creative play, a variety of toys and materials are put into the water, including plastic animals, feathers, pouring/squirting toys, boats and sometimes pretend food!

Pouring the water back and forth in containers, watching it spill over the edge of the water table, making waves, and splashing the water around are all very fun and exciting activities!  Playing with water is also a perfect opportunity to experiment with the scientific properties of sinking and floating.

The children also enjoy washing their toys (especially the pretend food and dishes) in the water! This hardly seems like work when you can be wet!  The best benefit of outside water play is that the children stay cool in the warm summer sun!

Hen water 3      Hen Water 2      Hen Water


Carnival Fun!

The Greece toddlers enjoyed a week themed ‘Carnival Week’ over the summer!  A variety of new and different activities were offered.  These included taking funny pictures at the photo booth, playing games of toss the ball, and making homemade lemonade snow cones!  Great fun and many laughs were enjoyed by all!


Carnival Gr 2      Carnival Gr      Carnival Gr 3



Marble Painting!

In the toddler room at the Canandaigua center, marble painting is a favorite art experience!  Marbles and paint are put into a low plastic pan with a piece of paper on the bottom.  The children then practice their shaking as they all say “shake, shake, shake” together!  When the shaking is done, a unique design is left on the paper by their movements!

Marble painting requires the children to use their fine motor skills and demonstrates how they can use their creativity!  It is also great fun for the children to share their creations with each other!

Can Marble PT 4           Can marble Pt 2      Can Marble Pt