Outdoor Play!

All children thoroughly enjoy and benefit from outside play!  The Henrietta toddlers are no exception as outside play is one of their favorite activities! While outside, the toddlers are not only having fun, but working on their gross motor skills.  They are running, jumping, climbing, playing with balls, “mowing the lawn”, and pushing big trucks around.  Little legs and arms are in just about constant motion while they are outside!

The children enjoy challenging others to a race or to being ‘caught’! They also use many muscles on the climbers and see if they can touch the sky.  They may climb into a toy car and pretend to get some ice cream at the store for one of their teachers!  There are so many opportunities to use their imaginations in the great outdoors!

Digging, scooping, and pouring in the sandbox is another fun activity that engages hand-eye coordination and muscle control.  The sandbox is also a perfect place for children to practice sharing.  Shovels, pails and other sand implements are often passed back and forth.  Some children find the texture of sand to be very calming, so it can be a nice break of quiet play from running around!

Outdoor play at Care-a-lot is a wonderful place for toddlers to work on their motor skills, use their imaginations, enjoy the fresh air, and have fun!

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