Celebrating milestones is one of the many fun things we do at Care-a-lot! Many children join Care-a-lot when they are only infants and it’s our great pleasure and privilege to watch them learn and grow through the years. One of the biggest milestones that we celebrate with families is graduation day! At the end of each school year, the Pre-K, UPK and Kindergarten classrooms plan a graduation ceremony to celebrate all of the hard work and growth that has occurred during the school year.

The graduation ceremonies are short in length and very child friendly. The children sing songs, share their favorite moments from the school year, and then cross over a tiny bridge after they receive their certificate.  Families are invited to share treats in the classroom and snap pictures of the “graduates” with their teachers and friends. It’s always such a joy to see families beam with pride as they watch their child “graduate” to the next level!

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