Outdoor Play!

All children thoroughly enjoy and benefit from outside play!  The Henrietta toddlers are no exception as outside play is one of their favorite activities! While outside, the toddlers are not only having fun, but working on their gross motor skills.  They are running, jumping, climbing, playing with balls, “mowing the lawn”, and pushing big trucks around.  Little legs and arms are in just about constant motion while they are outside!

The children enjoy challenging others to a race or to being ‘caught’! They also use many muscles on the climbers and see if they can touch the sky.  They may climb into a toy car and pretend to get some ice cream at the store for one of their teachers!  There are so many opportunities to use their imaginations in the great outdoors!

Digging, scooping, and pouring in the sandbox is another fun activity that engages hand-eye coordination and muscle control.  The sandbox is also a perfect place for children to practice sharing.  Shovels, pails and other sand implements are often passed back and forth.  Some children find the texture of sand to be very calming, so it can be a nice break of quiet play from running around!

Outdoor play at Care-a-lot is a wonderful place for toddlers to work on their motor skills, use their imaginations, enjoy the fresh air, and have fun!


2017-06-28 023 Hen BP      2017-06-28 001 Hen BP      2017-06-28 013 Hen BP



Summer Reading!

Reading is important any time of the year, but especially during summer when school is out of session for the older children!  After a busy morning of active games, cooking projects, outdoor challenges, water play, competitions and art projects, there is a time for the school-agers to engage in quiet activities, like reading, in the afternoon.

Sometimes the school-agers have an opportunity to read to the younger children.  This provides important role modeling and skill building for both ages!  It also promotes helping skills and builds center friendships between classrooms!

DSC01776 Read Gr SA      DSC01779 Summer Read Gr









Making Music!

Infants love music and making noise! At the Canandaigua center, our infants have lots of fun making their own music with a variety of materials. The babies play music on pots and pans with wooden spoons and also use shakers for some added rhythm.

As the music is playing, teachers talk about what is being heard, whether it is loud or soft, high or low in sound.  Conversation also includes where the sound is being heard…through our ears; and where our ears are located on our heads.

Trying out different rhythms and beats, the babies also enjoy dancing to their music! Music offers many benefits to young children; it supports developing creativity, memory, mathematics, language, emotional intelligence and much more!

BP Music Can 3      Can BP Music 2Can BP Music 4      Can BP Music



Celebrating milestones is one of the many fun things we do at Care-a-lot! Many children join Care-a-lot when they are only infants and it’s our great pleasure and privilege to watch them learn and grow through the years. One of the biggest milestones that we celebrate with families is graduation day! At the end of each school year, the Pre-K, UPK and Kindergarten classrooms plan a graduation ceremony to celebrate all of the hard work and growth that has occurred during the school year.

The graduation ceremonies are short in length and very child friendly. The children sing songs, share their favorite moments from the school year, and then cross over a tiny bridge after they receive their certificate.  Families are invited to share treats in the classroom and snap pictures of the “graduates” with their teachers and friends. It’s always such a joy to see families beam with pride as they watch their child “graduate” to the next level!
2017-06-13 052 Hen grad      2017-06-21 155 Hen grad      2017-06-16 001 Hen Grad

Paw Print Painting!

In learning about animals and the tracks that they make, the Greece preschoolers worked on creating their own paw prints!  With construction paper and a plate of tempera colors, the children explored making animal prints with paint!

This activity offers many experiential benefits!  Children can practice creating patterns with the tracts, exploring paw print shapes, and replicating on paper a visual form that they see.  Part of the lesson also included learning to recognize the animal tracks and matching them to the animal.

In addition to the animal tracks, this activity also provided an opportunity to explore paint as a medium.  Paint consistency affected their prints and the pressure they applied to the paper affected whether their prints were more defined or faint.  Multiple hands-on learning experiences were a part of the fun!

DSC01087 (1) Gr Paw Paint      DSC01099 (1) Gr Paw Paint