Cloud Dough!

Cloud dough is one of the Farmington / Canandaigua toddler’s favorite activities and it has many benefits! Also known as moon dough or moon sand, Cloud dough is a silky and mold-able substance that provides perfect sensory, science, and fine motor experiences for young children!

The dough is so soft and smooth to touch, the children simply enjoy running their hands through the bin, squeezing and shaping the dough, and watching it crumble when it is released back into the bin.  This also offers an activity to release emotions and focus energy on manipulating the dough.

Cloud dough can also be stirred, mixed, scooped, poured and molded, which offers good practice for fine motor skills.  Cups, spoons, bowls and other containers used with the dough help to strengthen the fine muscles in children’s hands and arms.  It also supports learning to fill, dump, and pour, as well as experiencing full and empty.

As toddlers thoroughly enjoy any activity that provides a hands-on and messy experience, cloud dough well meets their developmental needs!

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