Butterfly Magic!

What a fun and exciting way to learn about nature by watching with our own eyes how caterpillars grow every day and change into butterflies!

The first change that the Henrietta toddlers noticed was that they grew quickly! (They must have been eating healthy food).  Then the children discovered that the caterpillars hung from the lid of the jar in a J shape. (They must have been very tired; shh don’t be too loud).

Then the caterpillars wrapped themselves in a blanket called a chrysalis. (Maybe they were cold?)  After a few days, the caterpillars, that the children thought were full, tired, and cold, changed into butterflies!

Each child then had an opportunity to squirt some sugar water on a cotton ball to feed them.  At the end of our project the class took the new butterflies outside and watched them fly away to find a new home!


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