Cloud Dough!

Cloud dough is one of the Farmington / Canandaigua toddler’s favorite activities and it has many benefits! Also known as moon dough or moon sand, Cloud dough is a silky and mold-able substance that provides perfect sensory, science, and fine motor experiences for young children!

The dough is so soft and smooth to touch, the children simply enjoy running their hands through the bin, squeezing and shaping the dough, and watching it crumble when it is released back into the bin.  This also offers an activity to release emotions and focus energy on manipulating the dough.

Cloud dough can also be stirred, mixed, scooped, poured and molded, which offers good practice for fine motor skills.  Cups, spoons, bowls and other containers used with the dough help to strengthen the fine muscles in children’s hands and arms.  It also supports learning to fill, dump, and pour, as well as experiencing full and empty.

As toddlers thoroughly enjoy any activity that provides a hands-on and messy experience, cloud dough well meets their developmental needs!


DSCN0860 Cloud Dough Can      DSCN0863 Cloud Dough Can      DSCN0860 Cloud Dough Can 2


Butterfly Magic!

What a fun and exciting way to learn about nature by watching with our own eyes how caterpillars grow every day and change into butterflies!

The first change that the Henrietta toddlers noticed was that they grew quickly! (They must have been eating healthy food).  Then the children discovered that the caterpillars hung from the lid of the jar in a J shape. (They must have been very tired; shh don’t be too loud).

Then the caterpillars wrapped themselves in a blanket called a chrysalis. (Maybe they were cold?)  After a few days, the caterpillars, that the children thought were full, tired, and cold, changed into butterflies!

Each child then had an opportunity to squirt some sugar water on a cotton ball to feed them.  At the end of our project the class took the new butterflies outside and watched them fly away to find a new home!

2017-05-12 004 caterpillar hen      2017-05-12 003 caterpillar hen      2017-05-12 007 caterpillar hen      2017-05-12 009 caterpillar hen



Playground Play!

Getting outside for physical exercise and play is a daily activity at Care-a-lot!  The school-age children in Greece look forward to outside time as much as possible during the summer! Children enjoy climbing, swinging, sliding, and playing basketball and soccer.

Outside play not only offers natural experiences for children, but opportunities to expend energy and to use their large motor skills.  It is essential for children to use their many growing muscles to enhance skills and practice movements.

As children play, they also talk to each other and strategize.  This provides important opportunities to practice communication skills and use their imagination to create play situations and games. Outside play is fun and essential for developing fundamental skills and meeting developmental milestones!

DSC01028 Gr Playgrd      DSC01031 Gr Playgrd


Pizza Making!

Check out our young chefs at Care-a-lot Farmington / Canandaigua!  The school age children tried their hands at pizza making! The children did it all, except for the actual oven baking that was supervised by their teachers..  The children had a blast and were exposed to many important learning opportunities through this cooking lesson.


They used their math and science skills as they measured out ingredients and discussed the scientific processes that took place in the oven.  They also discussed the various ingredients and the associated nutritional benefits of these and other foods.  Part of the discussion was which foods you can eat anytime and which ones are “sometimes foods.”


Cooking provides an excellent opportunity to involve children in tasting and eating foods that they may otherwise not.  Children are much more likely to try things that they had a hand in making themselves.  It boosts their self-esteem to learn such practical skills, and what could be more rewarding than pizza after all their efforts?!  


Cooking is a life skill.  As children grow toward adulthood, the job of feeding themselves becomes their own.  By starting to cook early, it not only boosts their self esteem, but also makes the transition to adulthood more comfortable.

DSCN0535 Pizza Can      DSCN0527 Pizza Can      DSCN0524 Pizza Can