Finger Paint Fun!

Research has shown that art activities offered to young children are important for brain development!  One of these is sensory play, such as finger painting, where children learn through their senses.  The Greece toddlers enjoy great fun and numerous learning opportunities with this activity!

Messy play like finger painting is important to every child’s development. It helps the body and brain integrate information, such as that needed for later spatial concepts, math and language.  Finger painting is also a most relaxing and creative way to express feelings.

Here are some of the benefits of finger painting play:

  •  Learning how colors work, especially mixing primary colors
  •  Supporting sensory integration
  •  Improving fine motor development by strengthening finger and hand muscles
  •  Learning about color, shape and spatial relationships
  •  Using hearing, touching, and smelling senses
  •  Focusing on process not finished product
  •  Expressing feelings without words
  •  Promoting social skills: sharing paint pots, taking turns, working together
  •  Stimulating creativity and imagination
  •  Developing communication and language skills


Finger painting is an exploratory activity that has many physical, creative and social benefits for children!

child fingerpainting fingerpaint child fingerpainting fingerpainting

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.

    i would like to know the essential vocabularies to employ during finger painting with preschoolers.

    i will really appreciate your response.
    thank you.

  2. I like your site it is helpfully thank you I would like to know the benefit
    When the children are painting with their feet.

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