Pond Creations!

The 3 year olds in the Grasshopper classroom at the Farmington / Canandaigua center spent time learning about ponds and all that exists within and around them!  Together, the class talked about what makes up a pond and created a list of all the plants and animals that they could think of that live on or in a pond.

After preparing the list, each child had an opportunity to build their own pond! Using a sorting tray, the children gathered and separated the elements of the pond that had been listed. Included in the sorting tray were sand, toy ducks and fish, assorted colored frogs and insects, rocks, grass, blue playdoh, and playdoh trays. The children then had fun using their imagination to create a pond with the items they chose.  Each time a new material was added, the ponds were transformed!

All of the ponds were different and unique to each child.  Hands-on and child-choice creations assist young children in learning engagement and information retention for future use!

child playing kids playing

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