25th Anniversary!

Care-a-lot Child Care is celebrating 25 years of caring in 2016!  We have come a long way from the one Greece location where we began in 1991.  There are now 3 Care-a-lot locations in the Rochester area (Greece, Henrietta, and Farmington / Canandaigua)!

Thanks to the 100’s of families who have entrusted the care of their child and their family to Care-a-lot these many years!  Care-a-lot looks forward to continue serving the community with quality early childhood education for years to come!

It is because of our committed and caring staff that we have been able to grow and share our program.  Our dedicated center directors and talented staff continue to embody our mission of “partnering with families to provide peace of mind while their children are in a safe, CARING, fun, and engaging learning environment.”

Here are some pictures of our celebration at the Canandaigua / Farmington center!

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Sports Fun!

The Henrietta Pre-K and school-age summer campers went to Total Sports Experience and had a blast!  The kids enjoyed opportunities to play kickball, basketball, and soccer.  Basketball seemed to be the most popular – especially when the baskets were lowered and almost everyone made a basket!  There were “yipees” all around!

Soccer was especially good for gross motor exercise with plenty of running and kicking!  It was really cool when one of the TSE trainers kicked the ball and got it stuck in the ceiling!

The group had great fun and gave their large muscles a good workout! Chef Gina sent an awesome bag lunch that was enjoyed by the group before leaving TSE for the day.

tse-hen-oct      2016-07-25-tse-etc-070-hen-tse-oct


Toddler Olympics!

This summer, our Greece toddlers were involved in their very own Olympics!  They participated in soccer, relay races, and tossing games.  Everyone had great fun choosing their activities of choice and receiving medals for participation!

Gross motor play involves the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting, crawling and other activities.  The benefits of developing gross motor skills and incorporating physical activity into young children’s play include:

good health from regular physical exercise,

promoting physical development and coordination,

increasing confidence and improving self-esteem from being able to successfully take part in games with other children,

releasing stress and frustration through physical activity, and

improving focus after exerting energy.

All young children benefit from using and really working their large muscles every day!

img_2646-tod-olym         img_2849-tod-olymp    img_2930-todd-olyp-fea


Powerful Play-dough!

Here you can see some of our infants enjoying the homemade play dough we stirred up for National Play Dough Day!  This seemingly simple substance creates endless learning opportunities; even for our littlest participants.  Play dough encourages learning and development in many different areas.  As children explore and problem-solve how to manipulate the dough, they strengthen their cognitive abilities and creativity.  Of course their physical development is enhanced as playing with play dough strengthens the fine muscles in their fingers that will one day be used to grip a pencil and write.  It also develops children’s hand-eye coordination.

Math and Science come into play too.  Science learning for young children is all about hands-on experiences.  They learn through observation and play as they feel and manipulate the dough. All that squeezing, pounding, and shaping helps them learn about the scientific concept of cause and effect.  Math concepts are made more apparent by the teachers as they talk about the different shapes the children make and how they relate to each other and practice classifying them as they compare and contrast the items the children have created.  These mathematical terms prepare children for more complex math concepts in later years.

Of course the language introduced by the teachers contributes to language learning.  The teachers help build the infant’s vocabulary as they explain what they are doing with the play dough.  The teachers also facilitate social learning as they encourage the children to take turns, share, and enjoy being with others as they manipulate the play dough.

It is incredible that a simple substance like play dough can encourage language, science, and math skills, all at the same time.  Play dough is a powerful learning tool for many reasons!

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