Footwork Creations!

Infants at the Greece center made a special patriotic project with their feet!  With the help of their teachers, they created an American flag with their red and blue foot prints!

This activity promoted sensory stimulation and new language for the babies to hear from their caring teachers as they experienced the sight and feel of the paint.  As the teacher applied the paint to each infant’s feet, the teacher talked about the ticklish feel of the brush, the squishy feel of the paint on their feet, and the slippery feel on the paper!  When done, the infants could see their fancy footwork and the pattern their feet made to create their colorful flag!

DSC00852          DSC00859 foot feat     DSC00850 (1)foot 2



Field Trip Fun!

Besides great fun, field trips provide important opportunities for children’s continued learning! Every summer, the summer camp school-agers take a trip to Seabreeze for the day.  It is one of the most popular field trips of the summer, especially on a beautiful, warm day!

Field trips create great excitement and energize the group for new experiences.  The many benefits of active field trips for children include:

– Building self-confidence and a positive feeling of independence

– Visual learning to see and experience new things in a more unstructured manner

– Using physical and mental skills for hands-on opportunities

– Providing open social times for children to interact

– Following safety rules and directions

After the event, the teachers review the day with the campers and consider any changes to make next years trip even more fun and enjoyable!

DSC01750 SEab      DSC01738 Seab


Craft Fun!

When children participate in both arts and crafts, creativity and imagination are engaged. Art involves more unstructured activities in which children can explore with their imagination, whereas crafts involve more structured activities with a specific goal in mind.

The preschool summer campers at Henrietta especially enjoyed the craft of making their own tie-dyed T-shirts!  With assistance from teachers, the children twisted their shirts and put rubber bands around them.  Following directions is an integral part of the satisfaction of seeing the final results when making a craft; it is also a valuable learning opportunity.

After tying their shirts, the children then chose their own colors to use and squirted the dye onto their shirt.  Watching the colors run into each other to make new colors was a science project in motion!

Tie-dyed shirts is a craft project that the preschoolers can wear and proudly show their creative talents! It clearly demonstrates the unique imagination and self-expression of each child; however, it also provides an important opportunity for the appreciation of other classmates’ creations.

2016-7-07 020 tie 1      2016-7-07 024 tie 3      2016-7-07 023 tie class    Tie Dye 002 Teach


Natural Learning!

The Greece preschoolers always look forward to outside time, especially when it includes a nature walk!  For one of their summer walks, the children were given clipboards, pencils, and paper to “write down” everything of interest that they found along the way. Their excitement was very high when they left for their adventure, and it was just as high when they returned!

They were very chatty and wanted to share everything they saw, including the colors of birds, shapes of trees, sizes of insects, and even a beaver’s dam!  Encouraging children to closely examine their environment supports their curiosity and learning about the world in which they live!

DSC00130 Nature Walk      Dam     DSC00130 Nat Girls      DSC00148 Bird


Healthy Bouncing!

The bounce house at the Care-a-lot Canandaigua / Farmington center was most popular and enjoyed by all ages this summer!  Children instinctively enjoy jumping around.  One of the best ways to help instill the love of exercise in children is to provide fun opportunities for them to move their bodies. Jumping in a bounce house and providing other interesting physical activities is one way we can make a difference toward solving our national epidemic of diabetes and obesity among children.

One particular benefit to jumping in a bounce house is that it encourages the movement of the lymphatic system in a way that other exercises do not.  The lymphatic system filters out harmful bacteria and manufactures white blood cells, both of which keep our children healthy.  It also helps distribute nutrients to the body’s cells.  The main lymph vessels run up the legs, arms, and torso. This is why the vertical up and down movement of jumping is so effective to pump the lymph.  Encourage your child’s bouncing for health and exercise!

DSCN6697 bounce 3      DSCN6705 bounce 2      DSCN6699 bounce