Planetarium Visit!

At the end of Space Week, the Henrietta preschoolers thoroughly enjoyed their field trip to the planetarium!   At the planetarium, the children learned about the sun, moon and the way they each rotate around the earth.  They also experienced how stars can make “pictures” called constellations.

Earlier in the week, the children made their own constellation pictures.  They glued pre-numbered stars made out of construction paper onto a piece of paper.  Then they connected the stars in sequential order with a crayon.  Everyone’s picture or constellation was a unique creation!

Field trips give children a different hands-on and interactive environment for learning experiences.  Learning in assorted ways can appeal to varied learning styles, helping children to succeed whether they are visual, auditory or kinetic learners.  Bringing children to a specialized learning center also adds realism to the topic.

In addition to the issue specific educational opportunities field trips provide, children also gain valuable social and citizenship skills. Having them act polite and appropriate, learning how to ask questions, or how to share space on the bus with classmates are valuable secondary benefits of field trips.

2016-03-11  planet       2016-03-11 01.11.54 planet


Social Games!

Social games like musical chairs and freeze dance serve an important purpose for young children’s development.  In this class of Greece 3 year olds, interacting with other kids in a structured game requires the preschoolers to consider the thoughts and actions of their peers and reinforces concepts like empathy and appropriate social behavior.

At 3, children are beginning to understand that their emotions and preferences aren’t necessarily shared by everyone. The concept of individuality develops throughout the preschool years as kids begin enjoying basic social games like tag or musical chairs.

Social games give kids practice at following and enforcing rules when interacting with each other. Between the ages of 3 and 5, kids start realizing that rules keep games fair and predictable. Learning that rules have merit, but also how to follow them closely is yet another benefit of playing social games.

Social games also require appropriate behavior, even when things don’t go their way.  They give preschoolers practice in resolving disputes among themselves based on the rules and evidence, like whether a peer really was sitting in the chair when the music stopped. Between the ages of 3 and 5, children build these skills through many opportunities to regulate themselves while playing social games!

DSC00850 Musical Chairs        DSC00847 (1) fr dance


Spring Seeds!

The three-year-olds in the Canandaigua center are very excited about spring!  This is a great time to learn about new growth with early spring blooms starting to surface and trees leafing out.  The children have been looking for signs of spring as they go on nature walks around the center grounds.  They have also been in on the action themselves by planting seeds in the classroom.   Some of these plantings went home as Mother’s Day gifts!

Gardening promotes many areas of childhood development.  Fine motor control is enhanced through pinching and planting tiny seeds.  Cognitive development is promoted as the children put their prediction and observation skills to use.  Social and language skills are at work as the children cooperate and discuss with their teachers and classmates how best to plant their seeds and care for them as they grow.

We look forward to green shoots sprouting and buds beginning!  And this will lead to more learning about growing and the green things we find all around us!

DSCN5714 Dirt in cup     DSCN5718 Seeds into cup     DSCN5721 Seeds in cup

Spring Break Fun!

The school-age group at Care-a-lot Henrietta enjoyed creative fun during spring break!  The creative arts were well celebrated by all!  For hands-on creativity, the group made a paper maché tree for the classroom; for dramatic creativity, a short newscast video was produced; but their favorite part of spring break was enjoying MUSIC!

The group broke out the karaoke machine and sang along to their favorite hits! They even brought the fun outside so they could sing as loud as they pleased!  A couple friends organized a game of “The Voice” talent competition and the whole group practiced singing in rounds and harmonizing.  It was a week of fun following the creative interests of these amazing school-agers!

2016-03-31 09.24.30 tree     2016-03-31 09.24.51 tree      2016-03-30 09.59.41 karaoke      2016-03-30 10.17.27 music grp