Warm-up Learning!

The children in the Greece preschool rooms participate in a ‘warm-up’ gross motor exercise every morning before circle time.  The ‘warm-up’ consists of listening and following the teacher’s directions. However, the activity ideas for the ‘warm-up’ are taken directly from the children, such as being really loud or quiet, clapping hands, stomping feet, or making silly sounds and movements.

Releasing energy during the ‘warm-up’, the preschoolers prepare for circle time and reviewing the calendar.  For calendar time, the children take turns choosing how they want to sound while talking about the calendar.  For example, if a child chooses the class to be dinosaurs, a pretend dinosaur’s voice comes out of every child’s mouth as the numbers are counted on the calendar!  In the pictures, every child spoke like the stuffed animal they were holding!

Care-a-lot’s preschoolers benefit from these kinds of child-directed activities by empowering children to be decision-makers. It also engages children to fully participate in circle time.  Other learning opportunities include taking turns, creative thinking, following directions, and listening.  We make learning lots of fun!!

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Creative Kids!

The Canandaigua school-agers have had an interest in creating shields – so they did, by using cardboard as the material media.  After cutting, they colored their cut-outs with their own individually created crests!  Children need plenty of opportunities for creative play and creative thinking.

The ability to be creative and make something using personal feelings and ideas, can reflect and nurture children’s emotional health by helping children express and cope with their thoughts and feelings. Creativity also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative activities help acknowledge and celebrate each child’s uniqueness!


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Cool Learning!

The 3 year old preschool class at the Henrietta center learned all about what it takes to be paleontologists! We took some of our classroom dinosaurs and froze them in water.  The children then took turns using blocks to break apart the ice to find the dinosaurs.

Using our dinosaur books, we identified each type of dinosaur found, examined them closely with a magnifying glass, and sorted them into two categories – herbivores and carnivores!  Being a scientist is great fun!

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Quiet and Active!

A daily schedule is important in providing young children with security and support in the classroom.  By knowing what is coming next and being able to depend on consistency, more comfort is created in their environment.

Care-a-lot’s teachers use the daily schedule as a responsive guide for children in offering a healthy balance of activities and encouraging all areas of development.  Times for group play and more solitary moments, quiet and active activities, and indoor and outdoor play are a part of every day.

In the Greece center’s toddler room, you can see the children engaged in a short circle time, spending quiet time together as a group.  After circle time the toddlers release energy in a large motor activity by dancing with scarves to “Let it Go”, their most popular song!

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