Grandparent’s Day!

Grandparents are important people in children’s lives!  Every year, Care-a-lot plans “Grandparent’s Day” to celebrate these special people and invite them into the center to share in the fun and learning that happens every day.

The grandparents enjoy visiting classrooms and participating in projects and activities that the teachers plan for the group.  They are often surprised and astounded at what the children are capable of doing and knowing.  There is great joy in watching their grandchild sing their favorite songs, create with various art media, and engage with special classroom friends!

The children also take great pride in showing their grandparents around the classroom and sharing the learning centers, personal space, and areas of importance in their day.  There are always big smiles and lots of love shared on Grandparents Day at Care-a-lot!


IMG_6957 Hen Gr Day2             IMG_6959Hen Gr Day 3   IMG_6974 (1) Hen Gr Day Use       IMG_6993 Hen Gr Day4


Making Slime!

Providing a variety of materials for children to experiment with supports learning in many ways!  Making slime out of glue is an especially fun substance to work with because it has the qualities of both a liquid and a solid!  It can take the shape of its containers, like a liquid, but you can also hold it in your hand and pick it up like a solid!  The material also stretches and comes back together to create a multitude of shapes and sizes for children’s experimentation.

  • By exploring a variety of materials, children learn about the differences in substance  properties.
  • Experimenting with scientific practices, like mixing different materials together, teaches how properties can be changed.
  • Using measuring cups and spoons shows definition in the amounts that are used, providing children visual information.
  • Hands-on learning provides children with fun experiences where they learn self- regulation and engage in group learning.
  • Hands-on learning offers children the opportunity to learn at their own pace and capability.
  • Hands-on learning experiences are better retained, processed and applied by children in different scenarios and situations.


DSC01047 Gr Slime Dec 23      DSC01050 Gr Slime grp      DSC01057 Gr Slime colors    DSC01056 slime gr 1


Building Muscle!

The older infants have been focusing on practicing their gross motor skills!  What are gross motor skills? These skills include the way a person uses his arms, legs, or whole body to make movements. As your baby grows into a toddler, it’s the development of these muscles that enable him/her to hold his/her head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk, run, jump and skip. Do not become immediately alarmed if you see other babies doing things that your child does not yet do. Babies develop at their own pace and must be ready to become movers and shakers!

When older infants are steady on their feet, pushing a stroller can be more fun than riding in it! Push toys are classroom favorites and are a great way to practice walking skills. Feelings of success and confidence build as they push the strollers and poppers all by themselves!

Another tool that the teachers use for the older infants to practice using their muscles are rocking toys.  Rocking-horse type toys delight this age group. If you don’t have a rocking horse or chair, you can let your baby use your body to rock back and forth. Sit across from each other and sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” while you’re both gently pushing and pulling each other back and forth. Infants thoroughly enjoy “rockin’ and rollin'” as they grow and develop!


027 (3) Can Dec 16      029 (2) Can Dec 16 grp     010 Can walker Dec 16


Firefighters Visit!

It is always exciting when the firefighters come to visit our classrooms!  The Kindergartners learned many things about fire safety, including how to practice STOP, DROP and ROLL in case their clothes are ever on fire.  They also learned that firefighters are “good guys” no matter how they are dressed.  Even when they have their air tanks on and sound like Darth Vader, they are still “good guys” and it is important to follow their direction in an emergency!

The Kindergarteners now know the importance of crawling under smoke and feeling a door to see if it is hot before opening it.  If there is a fire, you must GET OUT and STAY OUT and go to a meeting place outside.  It is also very important to know your address and phone number in case there is a need to call 911.

At the end of the visit the children were able to see the ladder truck and sit in the driver’s seat.  Before leaving, the firefighters provided each of the kindergartners with a helmet.  Thank you, Firefighters Mike, Bill and Tim for visiting us and teaching us about fire safety!


IMG_6910 Fire Visit 3          IMG_6912 Hen Dec 9 Fire       IMG_6919 Hen Fire Vis 2


Building Blocks!

Block play offers support for development at all ages!  The manner in which children play with blocks is directly related to their physical ability for manipulation, their cognitive ability for perception, and their social ability for collaboration.  Playing with blocks is important for children at all stages of development and becomes more complex play as children age.

In the infant classrooms, soft material blocks are commonly manipulated one at a time and viewed by infants as a single unit.  After the age of approximately 18 months, blocks may begin to take a new look.  They may be formed into a line or used to make simple structures such as short towers.

Around the age of 3, preschoolers usually build one dimensional structures that may grow very tall or take on creative forms as they work to balance differently shaped blocks in various designs.  It is also likely to become a more social activity as children work together to plan and build structures collaboratively.

By the age of 4, the block building includes structures that are two-dimensional and may be enclosed.  Beyond this stage, children will create models of real structures and label them with names.  Varying the types, colors and shapes of blocks available to children adds interest and possibility to their creations!

DSC00725 Gr Blocks Dec 2      DSC00726 Gr Block 2