Shredded Learning!

We work to provide a variety of sensory experiences for the infants at Care-a-lot!  Young children learn best and retain the most information when they engage their senses. They need to experience certain properties with their own senses in order to comprehend them in the present and throughout their lives.

Giving children the opportunity to investigate materials with no preconceived knowledge helps them develop and refine their cognitive skills.  As you can see below, when our infants touched and explored the shredded paper you could almost see the connections their brains were making!

Without realizing it, children grow into amateur scientists by making predictions and observations, and even develop analysis skills when presented with open-ended sensory experiences.  These kinds of experiences pave the way for all kinds of future learning!

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Apple Sauce Sensing!

All kinds of unique materials are used in our sensory tables, including applesauce!  The pre-schoolers poured, dumped, squished, felt, drew in, smelled and watched the applesauce as they experienced it!   Because children learn best by having “hands on” experiences with materials, sensory experiences are vital to young children’s learning.

While experiencing and playing with the applesauce, the children were asked about what they were feeling.  Just like scientists examining new materials, they made the following observations:  “It was like mud and seeds”, “It was slimy”, “It was just like a squishy Play-Doh.”

The apple theme continued in the class.  As a cooking project, the preschoolers made their own applesauce and ate it for snack!  This “hands-on”  experience allowed the children to learn about all the parts of the apple – seeds, stem, flesh, skin, leaf, and core.  Apples were also used as an art medium by cutting apples in half and having the children dip the apples in paint to create apple stamps!   They were delighted with their apple impressions on paper and enjoyed all the feeling, smelling, and tasting parts of their apple learning!


2015-09-16 00.03.12 Hen Nov apple sauce     Hen Nov apple sau girl     2015-09-16 00.03.24 Hen Nov apple s cover


Pumpkin Play!

Scooping out the insides of a pumpkin offers many opportunities for learning!  Although it may look like play, the children learned a great deal by taking turns scooping, examining and feeling the natural materials, and counting the contents.   Scooping gave their muscles a challenge as they worked to get the inside materials out of the pumpkin.  As the children held and squished the ‘guts’ of the pumpkin, the teacher talked with them about the sensations of cold, slimy, and slippery that they were experiencing.

The children then worked to separate the seeds from the membranes.  Counting the seeds was the next task which gave the children an opportunity to visualize various quantities.   Nature offers so many new experiences for our young learners!


DSC00508 Gr Pump Class         DSC00504 Gr Pump Girl


Healthy Taste Testing!

Our preschoolers learned all about apples this fall.  They enjoyed making apple volcanos and apple prints, but their favorite activity was the taste test!  They tried a red variety and a green variety to see which one was the most delicious.

This activity encouraged the children to develop healthy habits.  Taste testing activities are a fun way to introduce children to new foods and encourage them to make healthier food choices.  Children are naturally picky eaters, which is why a taste testing activity can help encourage them to try new foods.

At Care-a-lot, we support children in learning where their food, like apples, come from and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.  Of course it also helps that they can see their friends and teachers trying the foods too!  Learning how to choose nutritious food is a good health habit that we hope our children take away from such activities and keep for a life time!


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