Designing Snack!

Toddlers learn best by using their senses, and eating is no exception!  At snack time, the children were given some blue berries, cut strawberries, and a graham cracker covered with cream cheese. Using their creativity, they made their own designs on the cracker and ate the end result!  Of course there was also some taste testing along the way too!

By preparing their own snack, the children were able to touch each of the items, look at the different colors, experience their softness or crunch, taste them individually and compare that to the bite that combined all the tastes.  Sorting the fruit by color and shape is also a way to include learning in snack time!

Snack time is an opportunity to encourage trying new foods, selecting healthy choices and promoting creativity!


BP Gr Snack Aug 26          DSC01182 Gr Aug 26 LOL Snack


Wild Wings!

The summer campers took a trip to Mendon Ponds Park, where they observed a wide variety of “raptors” at the Wild Wings Wildlife Sanctuary.  Wild Wings houses and cares for permanently injured birds of prey, which are unable to survive on their own in the wild.  The children also hit the trails, with a scavenger hunt to help focus their learning as they hiked.  Of course, no outdoor adventure is complete without a picnic lunch!  The children enjoyed eating on the picnic tables in the old orchard, where we encountered more wildlife and were able to come back together as a large group to review the birds and the things we had learned.

The children were very interested in learning about the bird’s injuries, how they acquired them, and what type of special care they now require because of them.  The children also learned about the local geography, native plants, and wild animals of the area as they hiked.  The hiking experience provided aerobic as well as intellectual exercise!

It was a great experience for all!  The children learned many things from both the planned activities and the impromptu learning opportunities presented by the natural setting.  One group watched a deer run through the orchard a mere ten yards away, another saw cardinals and other song birds even closer on the trail, and still another group discovered what walnuts look like in their natural environment before they are processed and bagged for the supermarket.  It was a lovely day to spend some time in nature, where the children were able to enjoy both physical and mental health benefits, including improved concentration, greater ability to engage in creative play, and better motor fitness and coordination!
027 (1) Can Wings Grp     033 Can Wings Cov     ??????????      ??????????

Learning in Camp!

Our 3 year olds enjoyed plenty of fun and learning during Camping Week!  We pitched a tent and experienced what you can do and what you can learn when camping.  Molly learned that you “hear noises when you camp” and “ants sleep with you!”  Alexandra learned that you “need to roast marshmallows a long time!”
During Camping Week we also practiced counting when we made S’mores treats!  We counted out 10 mini marshmallows, 10 chocolate chips, and 10 graham cereal pieces.  We ate in the tent and also read books to practice our literacy skills.  Learning can take place anywhere, especially in the great outdoors!
IMG_4420 Hen Camping Aug 19

Game Playing!

Games and school-age children are a perfect combination for so many reasons!  Not only is the benefit experienced through physical activity, which maintains a healthy weight and works to prevent chronic disease;  Increases in self-esteem and mental alertness are also realized!  Sports and games empower youth and can motivate them in their skills.  In the long term, promoting physical activity encourages a healthy lifestyle!

Soccer is a favorite with our group and games are a regular part of our outside time!  Team players work together using their skills to dribble, pass, intercept and shoot the ball.  This physical exercise strengthens muscles, hones skills and uses positive energy!

The game also encourages team work, communication, commitment and physical fitness.  Opportunities abound for practicing communication skills and collaboration to work with each other to win the game.  Encourage your child in physical activities by enjoying some ball playing, running or exercising together!

DSC00433 Gr Aug 5 Soccer