Coloring Snow!

Even the cold winter temperatures can’t keep our kids from experimenting with snow!  Although some of the frigid cold has kept the children inside, the toddlers were still able to play with snow because the teachers brought the snow to them!

Every child was given a container full of snow for play and experimentation.  Besides feeling, swirling and manipulating the snow, they were able to change the color of it with water color paints.

This activity gave the children an opportunity to feel the snow and experience the cold, observe how it melts and turns to water, and talk about the changes happening in front of their eyes!  Introducing water colors and brushes also gave the children an opportunity to see how colors and tones of color can be changed as the snow melted.  Don’t let the cold keep you from having fun and learning with snow!

BP PLANETS1 GR Jan 28 pic 2


Book Time!

Our Pre-School children love exploring books in the quiet corner of the classroom!  Books are an important part of their education and are incorporated into many different activities through-out the day, including the enjoyment of ‘reading’ on their own by thumbing through the pages.  By reading stories about and seeing pictures of learning themes, the children are provided new information and ideas to enhance and engage their thinking.

Making books an integral part of the children’s lives is one of the best ways to promote academic learning.  Numerous studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading before and during pre-school are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education.

Reading to children and making books available for them to explore on their own strengthens their speech skills (language and educational skills), communication skills (expressions of ideas and feelings), logical thinking skills, and their concentration and self-discipline.  Books are a powerful tool for building the foundation for academic excellence.   Cuddle up this winter and enjoy some book time together!



Gingerbread Creations!

The Kindergarten Class invited parents to their classroom to help in their Gingerbread House Building party!  There was great fun in working together to build elaborate houses with the simple materials of graham crackers and frosting. The creations were embellished with candy cane fences, M&M roof tiles, and peppermint windows.

The children took turns sharing the various kinds of candy with each other.  Math skills were also practiced as children created patterns and counted how many pieces of each candy they added to their masterpieces.

Each child also had their own jar of frosting so there may have been a tiny bit of taste testing. You have to make sure that the frosting you are using is the most delicious kind!

IMG_4798 Hen GB all   IMG_4809 Hen GB Mic   IMG_4806 Hen GB Col


Inside Snow!

The school agers were anxious to get out and play in the snow over Christmas break; however their was no snow to be had!  Their teacher used some quick thinking and provided the children with cotton balls so they could create their own indoor winter wonderland!   It is helpful for children to see adults use their creativity and imagination to encourage their own!

The kids loved scooping up the snowballs, throwing them in the air and launching them at each other.  They were able to get some physical activity inside when it was too rainy to go outside!  We know it won’t be long before they have the real thing to play in and enjoy!


2014-12-23 snowball fight(2)     2014-12-23 snowball 1