Community Helpers!

Having direct contact with community helpers supports children in understanding the world around them and their place in it.  It’s important and comforting for children to learn their role in a community and that there are safe, friendly people to help them if they get sick or have an emergency.

Community helpers, including a firefigher and a nurse visited the Stars preschool classroom to share their job tools and responsibilities.  The firefighter dressed in all his gear and talked about how each piece protects him.  Being able to touch and easily investigate the uniform eased children’s potential fears during an emergency situation. The firefighter also taught the children what to do in case of a fire.

The nurse brought several tools that she uses to help people on a daily basis.  The children then had the opportunity to try them out on each other.  By acting out the behaviors of community helpers, children develop important social/emotional skills and become more comfortable with people in uniforms!

BP DSC08936 S Nov 24


Fall Fruit Fun!

Learning with apples takes many forms in the classrooms!  Taking advantage of fall’s bounty, there have been field trips to apple orchards and cider mills, taste tests of different kinds of apples, and close examinations of the many apple varieties.  The Peach classroom made a chart of the different colors, sizes, and shapes of the apples they examined.

Besides using scientific methods to observe apples and enjoying apple snacks, apples can also be put to a creative use.  Painting with apples provides a different kind of ‘brush’ for children to try!   Using apples and varying art media offers new opportunities for developing fine motor skills, encouragement for thinking creatively, and plenty of fun!

Teacher with apple print N                                                         apple print


Bead Counting!

Using a hands-on approach to learning benefits young children in many ways!  Matching the correct number of beads to the corresponding number-card supports children in their counting and assists in their understanding of numbers.  And learning about counting and numbers provides pre-math skills!

While this one-to-one correspondence learning is an important skill for the brain, using beads and other small counting objects also requires children to use and practice their fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. They involve strength, fine motor control, and dexterity.

Practicing eye-hand coordination is another benefit to offering activities that require children to match items.  We look for the opportunities that are around us everyday to help children practice their counting and coordination skills!





Firefighting Teacher!

Exploring the theme of Community Helpers is always popular, especially in the three year old rooms. The teachers plan activities that highlight our local community helpers such as police, emergency medical responders, firefighters, nurses, doctors, and others who offer help and assistance.

One of the children’s favorite community helpers are firefighters.  The 3 year olds in the Comet and Planet classrooms are very fortunate to have an actual firefighter as their teacher!   Miss Heather was very excited to share her responsibilities and duties as a firefighter with the children.  And as you can imagine, all the children enjoyed trying on and handling Miss Heather’s gear!

It was also helpful for the children to see Miss Heather in and out of her fire suit.  It helped them to better understand and feel more at ease with the appearance of some community helpers.  Miss Heather also provides a strong role model for the children to know that women can help fight fires too!

2014-10-09 BP H Nov 5                                                                                                         2014-10-09 10.50.39 good fire pic