Edible Crafts In The Paradise Classroom

Who says you cannot play with your food?  Edible crafts for kids is a great way for parents to share the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season with their children!  Kids absolutely love making food craft projects and sure enjoy eating them! This is a fun way to get even your picky eaters to eat. Edible crafts are enjoyable and delicious projects.

BP Aug 25 N 14 Edible Art

The Paradise Classroom (Summer camp) is enjoying an activity where they are not only talking about healthy foods but creating their very own shish-kabob! Yummy! This simple treat included: Strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows.  What better way to “play” with your food then enjoy eating it!

BP Aug 25 N 14 Edible Art 2


Dance, Fun, ZUMBA!

Besides the fun of moving to music, Zumba offers a fun way to exercise and motivate children to move their bodies!  Children who engage in regular physical exercise experience many health benefits, including stronger muscles and bones and a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges.  Many studies have linked regular exercise in children to a boost in brain function and academic performance.

BP Aug 18 C 14 Pic

The benefits of gross motor play are numerous.  One of the best is that kids just think it’s FUN!

BP Aug 18 C 14 Pic 2


Super Heroes To The Rescue!

This summer, the Comets and Planets classrooms celebrated July 4th with a new take on independence!  Each child became a Fourth of July Super Hero! During the week they made their own capes and masks.  It was created as a result of their discussions about what kind of super hero they wanted to be and what kind of super powers they wanted to have.  What imaginative creations were displayed!

BP Aug 11 H Pic 14

While working on their creations, the children drew the first letter of their name on the back of their capes and recognized other letters in their name on friend’s capes.  They also used fine motor skills to decorate their masks with color and sparkles!  When complete, each child proudly sported their handmade super hero cape and mask in the center’s Fourth of July Super Hero Parade!


Arts, Crafts, and the Zoo!

In preparation for our trip to the zoo, the children created their own lion masks!  They chose just how to decorate their masks with color and design.  Most of our art projects offer complete child choice in decision-making.  However, there are important learning objectives to also having children follow teacher-guided directions.  In this project, the children were given directions on how to place the felt pieces for the lion’s mane.

BP Aug 4 S Pic 14

Art creations also provide wonderful opportunities for eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill practice.  Coloring, cutting, and placing the placing small pieces give exercise and practice to little hands and little fingers!

BP Aug 4 S Pic 2 14