Let’s Go Outside!

Outdoor play is important for children every day!  It not only provides more exercise opportunities, it also enhances and expands the environment for learning!  Care-a-lot teachers plan outside time at least twice per day.

BP N July 28 14 Pic 2

The children in the Peach room enjoy outdoor play with dramatic props to spur their imagination!  Kitchens, construction sites, and garages can easily be created in the sandbox and with playground equipment.

BP N July 28 14 Pic 1

Other supplies to offer play and learning opportunities include bubbles!  Bubbles are fun to simply chase and pop; but they can also begin thoughts about simple physics:  floating, weight, and changes in the properties of a substance.  Get outside as often as possible with your child!


Sand Play

Play is the work of children and the sandbox provides an ideal work environment for children to learn!  Sand play promotes physical, cognitive, and social development.  Children use their large muscles to dig, pour, sift, and scoop the sand.  They also develop hand-eye coordination when exploring these activities in sand.  Small muscle control is strengthened when they manipulate and experiment while using the sand toys. And when testing the volume of sand held in different sized and shaped containers, the concept of measurement can be explored.


When children work together as a group to build and share toys in the sandbox, they are working on the social skills of sharing, compromising, and negotiating. So much fun and learning can be found in a small pan of sand or a beach full!  Find some for play and learning this summer!



Camping Under The Meteors

The Meteors classroom have learned all about camping! They talked about the equipment needed to go camping, where they would like to camp, and all the sights, sounds and smells that the outdoor camping experience includes!


During the week they also learned new vocabulary related to camping, built a classroom tent, and made their own paper fire for cooking.  At the end of the week, they brought in their sleeping bags, flashlights, and wore their pajamas for the classroom camp-out! They even got to make their own S’Mores and roasted them over their colorful campfire.



Mixing It Up!

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Toddlers thoroughly enjoy pouring and dumping just about anything!  This group is investigating the properties of a flour and cornstarch mixture.  There is learning and fun in seeing the cause and effect of their actions as they scoop, pour, pile, and feel the texture of the mixture.  There are also opportunities for design and drawing when fingers are run through the mix creating lines and swirls.

BP Hen July 14 10.00.56

And then when water is added, a whole new experience is provided!  By offering children a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning, their understanding and their world of knowledge is expanded!

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