Grape Room Mathematicians!

Four-year old children have increased capacities for learning math skills.  They use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems, and can effectively use language to compare and describe objects and shapes.

Grape Math 2 N June 30

As adults, we can tend to over-think how to teach math to young children.  However, promoting mathematical thinking and basic math concepts happens through common, daily activities.  Our pre-kindergarteners in the Grape room have been graphing their phone numbers!  By using stickers to create their graphs, they continue to practice learning their phone numbers, as well as reviewing counting and number skills.

Grape Math 1 June 30

At this age, it is best to practice with numbers between 0 – 20.  Ask questions like, “would you rather have the bowl with 4 or 6 cereal pieces?  What happens if we put the bowl contents together?  Do we get more?”  Provide preschool children with many opportunities to practice estimating, measuring, and counting during everyday activities to strengthen their math skills!


Paint & Play!

Young children, especially infants and toddlers, learn about their new world through sensory play.  Finger painting allows young children to explore texture, color, and cause/effect through the process of creating.


In touching the paint and feeling it on their skin and between their fingers, these infants are experiencing tactile and sensory opportunities.  They are also developing early language skills as the teachers closely supervise the activity and engage them in conversation about their experience. Words such as wet, squishy, cold, blue, paper, and gooey can help babies learn language and connect them to what they are experiencing.



Kinders Get A Peek Into The Working World!

The UPK (Universal Pre-kindergarten, 4 year olds) children spent a week learning about community helpers and the world of work.  They took a sneak peek into the jobs that are done by their parents and others who go to work in our neighborhoods every day.  Family members of the UPK children came into the classroom to talk about their careers and how they help our community.


2014-04-29 Hen June 14


The children had visits from a police officer, X-ray technician, artist, army soldier, building contractor, and many more.  Each guest shared some of their work responsibilities and some of the tools of their trade.  Having a hands-on experience with these materials was helpful for the children to better understand their jobs and imagine themselves experiencing the career.


2014-04-29 Hen June 14 2





Toilet Paper Play!

What could be better than toilet paper play to use some energy on a rainy day?!  Rolling, ripping, wrapping and throwing the toilet paper provides sure fun and an opportunity to exercise large muscles!


Learning Through Growing!

The children all became gardeners when their teacher, Ms. Katie, brought in dirt and flowers for the classroom sensory table! The first activity of digging in the dirt provided a wonderful sensory experience for the children to feel dirt between their fingers and explore how dirt moves when scooped and dumped with a shovel.

DSC07218 S June 14

Once the dirt was scooped into the pots, flowers were planted. During this process, the children learned about the different parts of a flower.  They also talked about what is required for plants to grow, including sun, dirt, and water.

DSC07234 S June 14

Having a garden requires lessons in responsibility for taking care of living things.  Children want to be helpers, and are anxious to assist in watering.  They can then see their results when measuring plant growth!  There is so much learning to be done in the garden!