Water Play!

All young children enjoy water play!  It is a type of sensory play, which is an important part of children’s development. Children explore the world with their senses and are designed to touch, taste, look at, listen to, and manipulate what they find.  Sensory exploration is a child’s way of examining, discovering, categorizing and making sense of the world.  For multiple learning opportunities, enjoy water play both inside and out this summer!

100_8348 N June 14



Special Moms!

Moms are so very special and our preschoolers wanted them to know!  These moms were treated to a tea party to celebrate Mother’s Day with child-made ‘teacups’ (waffle cone bowls filled with pudding) and cookies.  It was a special time for all!

DSC07408 S EL June 14


Messy Art!

Hands-on and messy art experiences provide opportunities for creative and sensory learning!  We offer a variety of media with which children may experiment and create.  So many senses are at work during these opportunities!



Spring Planting!

Planting in Spring with children is an exciting and educational experience!  We practice our skills of digging and planting inside in our sensory tables as well as outside.  Get out your shovels and seeds for some fun together!