Super Heroes!

VICTOR POST: Friday, August 9, 2013

Real Life Super Heroes

Children love action, adventure and excitement and while Fictional Superheroes such as Superman and Spider Man are fun to watch on the big screen, sometimes we overlook the Real Life Super heroes that help us every day. The teachers at Care-a-lot Child Care of Farmington wanted to educate the children about what Real Life Super Heroes such as police officers and Firemen do to keep them safe.

Officer Fitzgerald

On Monday July 29, 2013 the children at Care-a-lot received a visit from a Real Life Super Hero, Officer Pat Fitzgerald and his K9 Companion and Police Partner Cecil. Officer Fitzgerald came to teach the children about how he and Cecil act as super heroes every day by keeping the streets and community safe. The children enjoyed listening to how Officer Fitzgerald and Cecil work together catch criminals and keep everyone safe. The learning opportunity not only educated the children about what Police Officers do but also helped them to understand that Police Officers are there to help if they are ever in trouble and that they can also be trusted. Damien G. commented, “It was cool! My favorite part was watching the dog biting the big toy that our teacher had on her arm!”

The children at Care-a-lot will be learning about Real Life Super heroes the entire week by talking about Firemen, Emergency Paramedics, Doctors and more.